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Welcome to birds across America this is a website where I share my sightings, photographs, drawings, favorite birding locations as well as story’s from my trips around the country.

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October 18th Cape Cod, the hunt for a Glue Grosbeak was intense but so far I have been unsuccessful. yesterday (October 17th) I added 4 new species to my list, Cory’s, Manx and Great Shearwaters, as well as a Pomeranian Jaeger. after doing some quick math I released my life list was at 399 species, […]

Spring migration is in full swing!

Birds all around the world have started their very long or for some birds very short trip to their summer breeding grounds. for most birders this is the most exciting time of year, the season they have been waiting for all winter to arrive. This year it has arrived in full force here in Maine […]

Swamp Sparrow!

The day before yesterday (4/2/20) I was gearing up to head over to Crystal Spring farm witch is my local birding hotspot. When I looked out the window and saw along with my normal array of Song Sparrows and Black-capped Chickadees, there was a bird that, at first glance appeared to be a Chipping Sparrow […]

Bird Year #1

Florida 1/5/2020 Birds on the brain. It’s been a year since Sylus dove into birding and took us along with him. We have crisscrossed the county seeking wild spaces – migrating on wheels instead of wings. Sylus managed to ID over 350 species of birds last year – very proud. It’s wonderful to learn form […]


Whatbird is an online bird forum in witch you can do everything from sharing your photos to discussing why a Great Egret has yellow feet all the way to making jokes about online hackers with “floppy birder hats”. You also can post your sightings and get ID help if needed. I have been a member […]

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